What We Do


In the era of digital media it has become more and more important to provide up to date content on the latest developments in every sphere of industry, politics, education and community.  We are Destiny Media develop content clients who want to establish their expertise.  We also develop content for development and education purposes.

Content development services include:

  • Blogs
  • Digital content
  • Email newsletters
  • Thought leadership
  • Best practice


Knowledge is light and through campaigns and roadshows we assist organisations in getting their message and content across to their target audience. 

Whether an organization want to raise awareness of their services, a community announcement or public education we are able to assist in getting your message across to school learners, students, youth, and parents in communities in all areas.  Through our campaign we are also to design and manage grassroots training and activation programmes.


Through our campaign and event management services, Destiny Media is able to provide the entire value chain of a production from concept design to logistics to implementation and impact assessment. 

Many of our clients outsource their Social Economic and Enterprise Development programmes to us.  Through our extensive experience and knowledge of managing campaigns in grassroots communities we are able to assist organisations reach hard to reach audiences.


Destiny Media is passionate about creating platforms for individuals to engage and acquire knowledge and insights about how they can maximise their individual potential and that of their organisations.  Through our conferences, training and exhibitions, Destiny Media provides mediums by which development goals can be achieved.

Through our conferences we aim to be at the forefront of advancing thought leadership and global best practices in various industries and in particular in the development sector.  Our training programmes helps individuals, employees or entrepreneurs gain critical skills to ensure their personal and organizational success.  Through our exhibitions we provide a critical tool for organisations to meet and engage with their target audience.