7 March | 9:30 – 12:30 | Illovo Point, 68 Melville Road, Illovo


One of the critical elements to effective enterprise and supplier development ecosystem is an efficient element of SME Finance.

Any enterprise needs finance at some stage of its growth passage whether start-up to growth or mature phase. The form and amount of funding differs at every stage and therefore the financial solutions required are different.

The challenge:

How do ESD Programmes identify finance ready enterprises and how do the ESD programmes ensure that loans achieve their objectives? What role does ESD funds have in the finance ecosystem of Development Finance Institutions, Short term financiers, traditional finance institutions, private equity investors and venture capitalists? Furthermore what is the best finance model for SMEs to ensure that ESD funds issues loans or equity investments that result in growth in SMEs and economic growth?

Why the ESD Finance Forum?

A platform for ESD and Financing stakeholders to meet and engage on best practice in SME Finance and developing an effective funding model to assist SMEs to access all funding at all stages of growth.

To develop greater collaboration between Banks, Development Finance Institutions, Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds so that more entrepreneurs can access funding and stimulate economic growth.

Key programme topics:

  • How to identify finance ready enterprises?

  • What form, structure and terms should a loan have?

  • How to monitor and evaluate performance and impact on loan beneficiaries

  • Unpacking the various forms of SME Finance

  • Providing ESD Finance

  • Keys to managing an ESD Fund and loan book

  • How to leverage ESD funds in the ESD Finance ecosystem to accelerate access to SME Finance for more enterprises

  • How ESD Funds can collaborate with DFIs, SME Finance Institutions, Venture Capital and Private Equity


Some of our Speakers:
Nabeela Vally
Edge Growth
Rudolf Rautenbach
Zanele Gallacher
GM, Black Umbrellas
Pheladi Kunutu
Zeph Kolobe
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