About Us

Destiny Media is a communications and events company that produces both B2C and B2B events and publications as well as content. Destiny Media also provides a range of media and communication services to SMEs, large companies as well as the government and the not-for-profit sector.

Our core focus is on providing platforms and solutions that contribute to-wards the development and transformation of South Africa and Africa as a whole. To this end we provide services to the following areas:

Education & Training

Skills Development

Economic & Industrial Development

Development Finance

Enterprise & Supplier Development


Personal Development


To become Africa’s leading media and communications agency in the area of growth and development.


To passionately produce events and publications that will act as a catalyst for our clients and end users to make a positive contribution to their envi-ronment.

Our Approach

Our passion lies in making a contribution towards the growth, development and transformation of the South African and African economy and society.

Destiny Media Africa believes that the sharing of sound content is a key element for empowering individuals, communities and organizations. It is for this reason that our events, publications and services are focused to-ward providing our partners, speakers, writers, readers and delegates a platform to engage and share knowledge and insights.